Interlachen Country Club

A diversely experienced civil engineer and transportation professional, Max Crumit has served as a principal at MCG for the last year. In his spare time, Max Crumit enjoys playing golf and holds membership with the Interlachen Country Club of Winter Park.

Interlachen has served the community of Winter Park, Florida, for more than three decades. During the early 1980s, club founder Selby Sullivan recognized a need for a private golfing facility near Orlando and began sourcing the space he would need for his project. After he and his partner accumulated nearly 300 acres of land, they officially began work on Interlachen in 1983.

Through the help of around 50 “Founder Members,” Sullivan soon garnered the funding he needed to hire golf course architect Joe Lee. Interlachen officially debuted its 18-hole course in November 1985, although it did not yet feature a member clubhouse. Over the next three years, the club opened two facilities that introduced such amenities as a dining room and tennis court.

Interlachen has since continued its commitment to excellence by renovating its golf course. In 2007, architect Steve Smyers enhanced the original design of the course in an effort to better complement the Club’s natural landscape.